Britain’s Worst Ever Car named

Britain’s Worst Ever Car named  
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on 07/17/2008

Its name may have been a moniker for ‘fast, cheerful and lively’, but the Austin Allegro has been declared ‘Britain’s Worst Car’ in a poll by brand new digital motoring magazine,

The online poll, participated by over 4000 people, sought to find the worst ever product of Britain’s once powerful car manufacturing industry. Later this month, London’s Docklands plays host to the latest automobile offerings for the 2008 British International Motor Show.

The Allegro received 24% of the votes on against nine other widely disliked UK manufactured models, including the Morris Ital, Hillman Imp and the Rover 200.

Despite being labelled the ‘All-aggro’ due to its poor build quality and the ability for its rear window to ‘pop out’, the 1970s British Leyland model played starring roles in TV classics like The Professionals, Doctor Who, The New Avengers, The Sweeney and more recently, Little Britain.

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