Caparo T1 Climate option launched

Caparo T1 Climate option launched  
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on 03/23/2009

Source: Caparo

Caparo T1, the ultimate supercar designed and manufactured Caparo Vehicle Technologies, is now available with a full climate pack. The option is being introduced as a result of customer demand and can be installed on all new orders as well as retrofitted on the existing Caparo T1 cars.

Following a highly successful launch in the UAE and increased customer demand, Caparo Vehicle Technologies have introduced a new optional extra for the Caparo T1. All current car specifications can now be built with a full climate pack which includes a plexiglass canopy and air conditioning. The canopy, made from a toughened acrylic used in armoured windshields and helicopters, slides forward over the nose of the vehicle, and this option costs £21,760. In addition to the canopy configuration, an air conditioning unit can also be fitted with a cost of £3,750. Both these extras, part of the Caparo T1 Climate, can also be retrofitted to existing cars.

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