Car color trends shift with the economy

Car color trends shift with the economy  
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on 02/07/2010

Source: Medialink; General Motors

Viridian Joule, Inferno Orange, Tucson Bronze, and Cocoa Metallic are some of the newest car color names to hit the market. However, the most popular choices are from a more muted palette.

According to the 2009 DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Report, silver is the top vehicle color choice globally. White took the top spot in North American, while black was number one in Europe.

Experts say that during an economic downturn, people tend to choose safer colors when purchasing a new car and often avoid getting something too trendy that may not have a high resale value.

But muted doesn't always mean dull, in fact, the use of layered paint coats and hue shifting elements is gaining in popularity. These new pigment technologies can make conservative colors like silver and gray seem more exotic and fresh.

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