Chevrolet’s Spark of fashion

Chevrolet’s Spark of fashion  
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on 11/24/2009

Source: Chevrolet

Chevrolet has given a further showing of its bold and edgy new Supermini, the Spark, at a night celebrating young creative people in Berlin. The successor to the popular Matiz is due for launch early in 2010, and represents a new era for stylish Chevrolet design.

The 2009 Young Creative Chevrolet Awards have been running since 2007, with 120 art schools participating this year - compared with 32 at its inception. Students entered their work into five categories: Fashion, Photography, Visual Arts, Video and Music, with 530 projects submitted to contests in 19 different European countries, all using the new Spark as their central theme.

The juries – composed of leading personalities in their respective fields – looked for creativity and innovation, an ability to interpret the brand, artistic qualities and the capacity of the work to be used in brand communication.

The event also saw a very special Spark reinterpreted by Berlin fashion designer Mischa Woeste and her Smeilinener label. Inspired by her spring / summer collection for 2010, Chevrolet’s new baby was embellished with the bright, characteristic colours and patterns of this exciting new brand.

"For mini cars, which are increasingly popular, style is a key factor of success. Spark has what it takes to do well in any market. It is launched at a time when car owners are conscious of value but want a car with an attitude, too," says Wayne Brannon, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet Europe.

With its confident wheel-at-each-corner stance, and sporty design – both inside and out – the Spark not only reinforces the bold new direction begun with the Cruze, but also redefines the supermini class. Taewan Kim, Spark's chief designer says: "Instead of the relatively common 'cute and cuddly' approach, we wanted Spark to be a little more aggressive, edgy, ready to pounce”.

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