Chinese Enzo Replica - so very Chinese

Chinese Enzo Replica - so very Chinese  
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on 06/18/2009

China is a country where replicas are a definitive way of life, we don't have to brief you on their art of imitation which they have perfected so immaculately, that if you removed badges of some of their cars, you won't be able to tell them apart from the original car.

The Chinese are so skilled at this craft that no industry can shield itself from their experimenting mind. Logically, that embraces the auto industry where the Chinese have constructed replicas of all the famous cars and have done quite an impressive job.

The latest and most brutal attempt is this - a Ferrari Enzo. The end product looks nothing like an Enzo, if Ferrari were to know of this development, they would have a tickling sensation in their stomach rather than an intention to file a lawsuit.

But hey, at least they got the doors right.

Source: carscoop

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