Citroen C-Crosser arrives in the UK

Citroen C-Crosser arrives in the UK  
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on 06/26/2007

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Citroën’s first ever SUV, the C-Crosser, arrives in the UK this July, introducing a new, environmentally-friendly face into the 4x4 sector.Breaking new ground for the Company, the four wheel drive C-Crosser combines unmistakable Citroën DNA – style, practicality and environmentally-sound engineering – to provide buyers with a sleek, spacious and comfortable car with flexible 5+2 seating and a clean, fuel efficient HDi diesel engine with particulate filter.

The C-Crosser will be offered in two trim levels – VTR+ and Exclusive - with a long list of standard features including six airbags, an alarm, automatic headlamps, sliding and reclining second row seats, ABS, ESP, cruise control and automatic air conditioning. Recommended retail prices are £22,790 for the VTR+ and £25,490 for the Exclusive.

The design and detail on the C-Crosser, from the signature badging to the chrome trim, work together to create an image that emphasises style, class and presence. With its expressive, chevron-embellished bonnet, sloping roofline and eye-catching headlamps, the C-Crosser features a deliberately non-aggressive design, which is complemented by the high waistline and chunky wheel arches housing two-tone alloys.

On the inside there is a continuation of the exacting standards with high quality, robust materials used throughout. The simple yet stylish dash features smart aluminium trim and the application of a special soft-paint finish, whilst all passengers can benefit from the ergonomically designed seats and the luxury option of leather upholstery.

Citroën’s penchant for functionality and innovation is clearly visible in the C-Crosser, with its flexible 5+2 seating configuration. For ease of use when exiting the third row seats, or when reconfiguring the boot lay-out, the second row seats can be electronically folded forwards using the buttons located internally next to the rear wheel arches. The two occasional use seats in the rear can be simply folded away under the floor, while the second row of seating also slides and reclines for greater comfort.

Perfect for the family, the C-Crosser offers plenty of stowage space throughout, with over 20 individual storage compartments. All five rear seats can be folded away quickly and effortlessly to provide a flat floor and vast load space of up to 1,686 litres, while the boot capacity is up to 510 litres when the second row of seats are in use.

To help loading items into the huge boot space, the C-Crosser benefits from a split two-piece tailgate. Folded down, the lower section drops the sill by 64mm allowing heavy goods to be easily loaded, while doubling as a handy bench, capable of supporting up to 200kg.

The C-Crosser provides a responsible alternative for prospective 4x4 owners looking for a vehicle that respects the environment. Equipped with a 2.2HDi diesel engine, it boasts nearly 40mpg on the combined cycle, emits as little as 191g/km and reduces particle emissions to virtually immeasurable levels thanks to its Diesel Particulate Filter System. It can also run on 30% bio-diesel without modification to the system.

This state-of-the-art, fuel-efficient, low emission common rail diesel unit is equipped with a six speed manual gearbox and produces a massive 280 lb.ft of torque at just 2000rpm, as well as a useful 156hp CEE (160hp DIN). This powers the C-Crosser on to a top speed of 124mph, and from 0 to 62mph in under 10 seconds.

Contributing to the C-Crosser’s frugal performance is its ability to travel in permanent Two-Wheel Drive, keeping fuel usage and CO2 emissions down. When required, drivers can use the control next to the gear lever to select Four-Wheel Drive for improved stability, or Full Lock Mode for added assistance in very low grip conditions. This 4WD arrangement is managed via an electronically controlled clutch located in front of the back axle.

Produced in conjunction with 4x4 specialist Mitsubishi and Peugeot, the C-Crosser nevertheless strikes an ideal balance between comfort and performance as has come to be expected of Citroën cars. The Company’s engineers have refined the steering, running gear and suspension, while the fitting of additional soundproofing and special Michelin tyres further enhances the driving experience.

Safety is a high priority, hence the fitting of six airbags, ABS, EBD and ESP as standard. Combined with the rigid bodyshell and a range of active safety features, the C-Crosser provides very high levels of occupant protection. And to minimise pedestrian injury, the C-Crosser has been engineered to ensure a suitable cushion between the panels and the internal structure, allowing them to deform easily on impact.

Citroën UK’s managing director, Xavier Duchemin, commented: “With its friendly face, high levels of practicality and clean, green environmental credentials, the new C-Crosser will add a new dimension to the already diverse Citroën range. It will allow Citroën to be represented in an important sector that accounted for some 176,000 UK sales last year, and will ensure that we have a vehicle to suit all our customer needs, whether it be a compact MPV, a supermini, a luxury saloon or, from this July, a SUV.”

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