Club Cadillac on tour through Europe

Club Cadillac on tour through Europe  
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on 07/26/2007

Source: General Motors GM

Cadillac will be emphatically making its presence felt during the summer of 2007. It will be spending two months presenting the new Escalade and the revamped SRX to the European public in a surprising way. Club Cadillac will be touring Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and Austria. It will be present at various major events in these countries and will show its new models to the target groups in various hot spot locations. The emphasis at Club Cadillac lies primarily on 'seeing is believing'.

Why the new Escalade and the revamped SRX have been chosen for this surprising exercise is easy to guess: they have eye-catching values of luxury and glamour. Furthermore, their modern looks, advanced design and powerful appearance invite inspection. They will certainly generate interest from prospects and also further increase Cadillac's brand perception in Europe this summer. To achieve this, Club Cadillac will be present at various European events and festivals at the most exclusive venues. From the Allianz Suisse Open tennis tournament in Gstaad, via the elegant Milano Marittima, to the Summer Festival in Brussels.

Visitors to these special events will be able to inspect and admire the new Escalade and the revamped SRX at close quarters. The Cadillac Escalade has been specially equipped for the tour with advanced DJ equipment powered by Bose and Pioneer. A full turntable folds out when the rear hatch is opened. The public will be entertained with trendy lounge music during the tour.

A special website has been developed for this remarkable campaign: Visitors to Club Cadillac will be able to see the photos taken during the tour, inspect the tour schedule and find out more about the Escalade and the SRX. Test drives of the Escalade, the SRX or one of the other attractive Cadillac models can also be booked via the website.

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