Corvette Z06 chosen by WTCC team drivers

Corvette Z06 chosen by WTCC team drivers  
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on 10/25/2007

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Alain Menu, Nicola Larini and Robert Huff, the Chevrolet WTCC team racing drivers, have each purchased a Corvette Z06 for their personal use. At the weekends they win races in their light blue Chevrolet Lacetti race car in FIA’s World Touring Car Championship and during the week drive around in their yellow Corvette Z06. The main technical characteristics of the Corvette Z06 are well known: 512 hp, 637 Nm torque and 3.9 seconds to 100 km/h from a standing start. The sixth generation Corvette was launched in 2005 and a year later the race-bred Z06 version was introduced. This American sports car icon is recognised as the best value, high performance car on the market with sales in Europe nearly double last year.

Among its many customers are not only lovers of beautiful and exclusive cars, but also many racing drivers. Recently the Corvette Z06 has attracted three more high profile names in the form of Alain Menu (CH), Nicola Larini (IT) and Robert Huff (GB) all of whom compete very successfully in the FIA’s World Touring Car Championship for the Chevrolet Lacetti team.

Robert Huff was the first one of the trio to buy a yellow Z06, this summer. Nicola Larini had the opportunity to try it on the road and ordered his immediately, also in yellow. Then Alain Menu tried Rob's Z06 and also was convinced to buy one. His comment: „Simply brilliant. It’s perfect: the chassis, the performance, the brakes and even the comfort. I was surprised by the car's performance and by the ease with which it can be driven on the road.” The rest is history: Alain Menu ordered a Corvette Z06, in yellow, of course.

Alain Menu

Alain Menu (44) is internationally considered to be one of the most experienced and successful touring cars drivers. Born in Geneva, father of three children, he competes in the FIA World Touring Car Championship. This season, he has already won four races and scored 4 pole positions, and he is this season’s driver with the highest number of race wins.

Nicola Larini

Nicola Larini (43) has made a name for himself competing in Formula 1 with a long standing relationship as a test and race driver with Scuderia Ferrari F1. This fast Italian was successful in various national and international championships. He is currently one of 6 drivers who can win this year’s WTCC at the final race in Macau on the 18th November.

Robert Huff

Robert “Rob” Huff (28) won his spurs in the Pro Kart Endurance Series, which he won from 1992 to 1997. Since 1998 he had competed in various touring cars series and in 2004 won two races in the British championship. This season, with the Chevrolet Lacetti he won the FIA WTCC race in Anderstorp (S) and is currently ninth in the actual FIA WTCC.

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