Diesel Porsche Cayenne less than a year away

Diesel Porsche Cayenne less than a year away  
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on 06/17/2008

Source: Porsche

That's right! You favorite SUV's diesel incarnation is heading towards showrooms and will be available to be bought as early as March 2009. Porsche was reluctant to plop an oil burner on to any of its vehicles but the regulations and the situation is such that they have little to choose from.

The excitement won't be taken away due to the switch in fuel though. An upgraded V6 engine from Audi will find itself under the Cayenne's bonnet. Some claim that the new engine will churn out an impressive 240hp and that Porsche is planning to manufacture up to 15,000 diesel Cayennes yearly. Prices are said to start at €55,000 (approximately $85,000).

Porsche's new diesel is expected to return 23mpg which will help the
carmaker to improve carbon footprint and avail benifits in the form of
lower taxes for the vehicles sold in certain regions of the world. The
diesel Cayenne had been captured by spy shooters earlier this year
tanking up while testing in cold weather conditions in Sweden.

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