Double win for Volvo at Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards

Double win for Volvo at Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards  
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on 12/11/2006

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Volvo won two awards at the 2006 Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards, to bring the total won by Volvo since the Awards began to nine. Volvo's first 2006 Prince Michael International Road Safety Award was for the contribution to road safety made by the Volvo Child Safety campaign. This included a programme of child safety initiatives, such as, producing a 'Children In Cars' booklet and a 'Young Families' information pack for parents-to-be, its range of thoroughly tested car seats and accessories for carrying children more safely, and sponsoring The Baby Show at various venues across the UK.

Volvo's second award was for its innovative BLIS – Blind Spot Information System – which helps detect vehicles often obscured in the driver's view by the car's blind spot. BLIS won the Technology Award just a matter of weeks after also winning a Safety and Technology award from Autocar magazine.

"Assisting the driver with additional, critical information can make a significant difference to road safety, and this simple but highly effective device will make a major contribution," said Nick Barter, chairman of the panel of judges for the technology award.

Volvo's BLIS uses an intelligent digital camera system incorporated into both the car's door mirrors to constantly monitor the area alongside the car for other vehicles, including motorbikes, and alerts the driver via an orange light on the inside of the car's A-pillar by the door mirror. BLIS also works after dark when it reacts to the headlights of any surrounding vehicles.

Obviously, the BLIS system does not relieve the driver of his or her obligation and responsibility to do the usual visual checks before attempting any manoeuvres.

Volvo first demonstrated a BLIS system on its Safety Concept Car (SCC) in 2001, and it is now available across the Volvo range, costing from £450.

Also nominated for the Technology Award was Volvo's IDIS – Intelligent Driver Information System. This assesses when the driver is busy accelerating or manoeuvring and reduces potential distractions by delaying non-critical information or incoming 'phone calls.

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