Drivers rush to buy new TX4 cab

Drivers rush to buy new TX4 cab  
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on 11/20/2006

Drivers are hailing the newly-launched TX4 London taxi as the best purpose-built cab ever. Hundreds of eager cabbies have been inundating dealers for manufacturer LTI Vehicles, wanting to see the latest incarnation of the world-famous vehicle and sign up for a test drive.

And the early feedback from them is that the TX4 is living up to the hype.

The TX4 keeps the distinctive, world famous London taxi shape, with subtle changes to the front end and an eye-catching new grille. The purpose-built cab is compliant with incoming Euro IV emissions rules thanks to a new VM turbodiesel engine, features anti-lock brakes as standard and has been upgraded inside for improved comfort for both driver and passengers.

It retains the full raft of accessibility features, including an integral wheelchair ramp, brightly -coloured grab rails and induction loop that have helped to make previous TX models so popular.

Revealed to the world on October 18 at Lords cricket ground, in London, sales have been brisk.

Drivers have singled out the more responsive and quieter engine, smoother ride, ABS and sleek styling as its main improvements over previous TX models.

“My first impressions are that is a much better vehicle,” said David Hamilton, a driver in Edinburgh and one of the first to take delivery of a TX4 through city dealer Patons.

“I need vehicles that are reliable and durable as this is important for my business. I like the fact that I drive a respected and easily-identified vehicle.

“To be honest, it was really exciting when I was test driving my new cab. It is a beautiful vehicle.

“I really like the new design overall – it is sleeker but unmistakably a London cab that the public can recognise. It is also better for the environment and that is good.

“I will tell my passengers that they are privileged to be driven in the new generation TX4 and hope they enjoy their journey as much as I enjoy driving them there.”

Mick Norton, owner of Swift Yellow Cabs, in Leicester, is another instant fan of the TX4 after ordering nine for his fleet from Conders in Peterborough.

“Previous TX models have been so fantastic that I could not really see how they could improve upon the quality,” said Mick.

“But compared to the other models, the TX4 has an improved ABS braking system and better suspension that creates a much smoother ride for the customer. I have also noticed that the acceleration is better.

“The main reasons I bought the new cab are that it is made for the job and it is easily recognisable. Passengers throughout the world know the shape. It is an icon.

“Another considerable reason was that it has a new, lower emissions Euro IV engine and so is better for the environment.

“The feedback I have received so far on the TX4 is really good. My drivers enjoy driving the new cab and I would not have a different model.

“I can only say that all my drivers are proud to drive this new model TX4 through the streets of Leicester.”

The comments have been echoed by satisfied customers around the country.

Matthew Cheyne, Sales and Marketing Director with Coventry-based LTI Vehicles, said: “The new Euro IV compliant TX4 really is a revelation. Not only is it setting new standards for emissions, safety and comfort, but also for sales levels.

“All our dealers have been inundated with customers since the launch of the TX4.

“The TX4 retains the distinctive shape that has made the London taxi instantly recognisable across the world, but combines that with the latest technology and performance, with a raft of features that make it the most socially inclusive vehicle ever.”

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