Enzo Ferrari Named World's Most Iconic Car

Enzo Ferrari Named World's Most Iconic Car  
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on 02/12/2007

Source: LSE

The Enzo Ferrari has been unveiled as the world's most iconic supercar. The legendary £425,000 model, of which only a few hundred were ever built, topped a definitive list of the 100 most iconic contemporary cars that money can buy. The Zurich Iconic Car Index, created by Motoring Research which was founded by former Top Gear presenter, Peter Burgess, was based on a sophisticated formula which weighted factors including price, performance, engine power and marque.

Developed for Zurich Private Clients, it also pooled the opinions of a panel of the UK's top motoring writers who judged brand status and style. The cars had to cost more than £50,000 to be considered.

Ferrari built only a few hundred Enzos, but had to keep upping the quota to keep loyal customers happy. Even at £425,000 you can’t buy a new one now while used cars fetch even more.

Second in the list was the Porsche Carrera GT which was first unveiled at the Paris motor show four years ago. The super car, with a purpose-built V10 engine, comes with a heady £315,000 price tag.

Ferrari also sealed third spot with its very latest model, the Ferrari F599. Costing a cool £157,000, the 2006 F599 has received accolades from everyone who has driven it.

The highest place British built super car was the Aston Martin Vanquish S. The oldest Aston Martin in the current line up combines high technology engineering with a composite bodywork.

To own a car at the top of the list, it pays to be seriously wealthy. The most expensive car on the list the Bugatti Veyron - driven by the likes of Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise - is priced at £840,000.

The second most expensive is the Enzo at £425,000, with owners including Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The late Pope, John Paul II, even had one after he was given the 400th Ferrari to be manufactured by the prestigious factory. Those on a smaller budget can look instead to the Bentley Continental, at £115,000, or the Ferrari F599 at £157,000.

Zurich, a leading insurer for the extremely wealthy, has seen a change in the investment habits of millionaires over recent years with traditional high value purchases, like art and sculpture, now being joined by iconic cars.

The insurance company developed the Iconic Car Index to better understand what type of cars millionaires are putting top of their shopping list.

Nick Brabham, boss of Zurich Private Clients, said: "The Iconic Car Index provides a fascinating insight into what the world’s most affluent people may consider buying if they’re after the ultimate drive.

"The panel of independent motoring experts we spoke to concluded that a model from the Ferrari family is the best that we should aspire to own, with three places in the top 10.

"At Zurich Private Clients, we have seen an increase in the number of customers wanting to cover these sorts of vehicles, and we’ve responded to that change by providing the insurance cover and claims service they deserve to protect these valuable assets."

He added: "The new car market is constantly evolving as technology, design and manufacturing processes continue to improve. But it is these iconic cars that are often supported by powerful brand heritage, which can help them hold their value and therefore present not only the drive of a lifetime but a good investment opportunity as well."

Zurich Iconic Car Index Top 10:

1. Ferrari Enzo £425,000
2. Porsche Carrera GT £315,000
3. Ferrari F599 £157,000
4. Aston Martin Vanquish S £177,000
5. Mercedes-Benz SLR £317,000
6. Bugatti Veyron £840,000
7. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti £175,000
8. Lamborghini Murcielago £175,000
9. Bentley Continental GT £115,00
10. Pagani Zonda £380,000

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