Exclusive: BMW Welt, a stunning solar-powered masterpiece

Exclusive: BMW Welt, a stunning solar-powered masterpiece  
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on 09/28/2010


Last week we stayed in Munich and visited the famous BMW Welt (BMW World), a giant car delivery center, recreation and exhibition complex. The steel and glass building covers 10,000 square meters and was designed by Austrian architect Wolf Prix. Clients are able to view their vehicles at the center, tour the BMW factory and visit the new BMW Museum. Check out the exclusive photos of BMW Welt which opened for public in 2007.

BMW Welt is a multi-functional customer experience and exhibition facility of the BMW AG.

In direct proximity to the BMW Headquarters and the Olympiapark, BMW Welt is designed to present the current products of BMW, be a distribution center for BMW cars, and offer an event forum and a conference center.

Designed by architects Coop Himmelb(l)au for BMW Group, the facility was constructed from August 2003 through summer 2007. Originally conceived to be open and ready for World Cup 2006, it eventually opened on October 17, 2007, and deliveries commenced on October 23, 2007. The first customer to take delivery of a new BMW at the Welt was Jonathan Spira.

Designed with an 800 kilowatt solar plant on its roof, "the building does not have the boredom of a hall, it is not only a temple, but also a market place and a communication center and meeting place for knowledge transfer", said architect Prix at the opening ceremony.

Check out the exclusive photos of BMW Welt.

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