Ferrari and Meridian produce digital sound system

Ferrari and Meridian produce digital sound system  
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on 07/09/2008

Source: Ferrari

Formula One world champions Ferrari and Meridian Audio, the world’s finest high-end audio and video manufacturer, have jointly developed the ultimate all-in-one digital sound system. Designed to appeal both to the eye and to the ear, the Meridian F80 (shown right) combines some of the best technology from both companies. The result is a beautiful piece of design that delivers superb room-filling music.

This transportable digital sound system, which bears both the Meridian marque and Ferrari prancing horse insignia, incorporates a CD/DVD player, AM/FM and DAB radio, and is compatible with any type of MP3 player including the iPod. The high-performance device distills more than three decades of Meridian’s award-winning audio know-how and passion for music into a single, elegant package. The body of the F80 features a high-tech lightweight mineral-filled composite as used on Formula One and road-going Ferraris. It provides astonishing rigidity and high-dimensional stability to maximise the performance of the built-in loudspeakers.

‘The body of the new F80, developed in collaboration with Ferrari, helps make for an astonishingly rich musical experience,’ says Bob Stuart, chairman and co-founder of Cambridge UK-based Meridian. ‘Even music you are intimately familiar with will sound fresh and new. We want customers to discover the whole picture, the full performance, pure and without distortion. When that happens you get very close to the original intention and feeling behind the music. This is what matters to us at Meridian whether we’re revealing the nuances of a piano concerto or the energy of a rock concert.’

The F80 may be small but the sound is big and immediately engaging. It can fill a large living room with superb quality CD or MP3 music, act as a morning wake-up call, be hooked up to the computer to deliver stunning sounds or taken on holiday for home-away-from-home entertainment.

The low-resonance high-mass composite shell, developed in conjunction with Ferrari, ensures that the cabinet offers superb musical integrity irrespective of the volume level. The left and right stereo drivers are special ‘full range’ designs and have powerful neodymium magnets, die-cast chassis, high-temperature voice coils and specially designed cones fashioned from magnesium and aluminium alloy. The circuitry driving this unique system uses the highest quality ‘audiophile’ components. The crossover – the system that feeds the left, right and bass loudspeakers with the correct sounds – is a special DSP (digital signal processing) design: a concept invented by Meridian.

Meridian sound systems have long been a ‘best kept secret’ among discerning music cognoscenti. Meridian has become legendary for its stylish products that create breathtaking high-definition images and stunning surround-sound. The company is a master of accurately reproducing the auditory and visual ‘clues’ that help create images of sound and colour with such purity and integrity that it is as if you hear them through the ears of the record producer or see them through the eyes of the film director. Beyond creating extraordinary sound, Meridian has always set new standards for elegant, iconic design, with, for example, the classic 1970’s Lecson hi-fi, designed by Meridian founders Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd, on permanent display in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

However, following a recent partnership with high profile investors, including luxury Swiss goods group Richemont and Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan (best known for Pretty Woman, Fight Club, LA Confidential and The Devil’s Advocate), a much wider audience is starting to hear about Meridian and to enjoy the authentic sound it offers.

The F80, set to become a design classic itself, is Meridian’s first collaboration with Ferrari, the legendary Italian sports and racing car manufacturer. It is available in five Ferrari colours – Rosso Corsa (red), Giallo Modena (yellow), Argento Nurburgring (silver), Nero (black) and Bianco Avus (off-white). It is sold through Meridian and Ferrari retailers and has a recommended retail price of £1,495. And, with such an accessible retail price, the F80 brings the Ferrari and Meridian experience to more people than ever.

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