Fiat at the 80th Geneva Motor Show

Fiat at the 80th Geneva Motor Show  
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on 02/24/2010

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Fiat returns to the International Geneva Motor Show with a spectacular stand where important world previews and affirmed models will take turns to underline the distinctiveness of the brand on the international auto scene.

The exhibition area develops the "World I Want" theme seen through the eyes of children because a brand projected into the future must "listen" to the little ones who will be making the world big one day. The stand was "designed" by children who let their imagination loose and expressed their vision of a future always more focused on environmental friendliness. A cheerful, gay place is created, where houses are built on clouds and a rainbow welcomes visitors into the Fiat world. The heart of the stand is the 500 Configurator, a playful installation which perfectly blends into the mood of the exhibition area.

The houses and clouds of a city dreamed up by children showcase the latest auto innovations, cars which are a step forward on the way towards sustainable mobility.

Set in a unique tree-shaped installation with sparkling optical fibre filaments, the guest of honour of the stand is a technological masterpiece developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies: the two-cylinder 85 HP TWIN-AIR Visitors can preview it for the first time in the world both in a showcase and fitted aboard a 500, the first Fiat model on which it will be introduced next September. Progenitor of new family of two-cylinder engines made by FPT - Fiat Powertrain Technologies, it implements a revolutionary Multiair system combined with specific fluid dynamics optimised for the best fuel efficiency. Furthermore, by taking the concept of downsizing to the extreme and masterly tuning the basic mechanics, the new family - delivering from 65 to 105 HP - emits 30% less CO2 than an engine of equal performance. Still under the sign of technological innovation at the service of the environment, other important innovations will be treading the Swiss catwalk, starting from the world preview of the new Doblò Natural Power, equipped with a 1.4 16v T-JET (petrol and methane) engine reasserting the undisputed world leadership of Fiat in the field of cars and vehicles with original-equipment (OEM) dual-fuel engines.

Spotlights will also be on the Bravo MY 2010 that will be presented with a 1.4 Multiair (140 HP) and standard Start&Stop system at the Show. Available from next June, this is a petrol engine with one of the best emission/power ratios in the world: only 132 g/km and a power of 140 HP. Later on, at different times according to the markets, a specific pack will be available, which will cut CO2 to 129 g/km, the best emission/power ratio for turbo engines in this power range.

Furthermore, with respect to the 1.4 16v T-JET - 120 HP, the 1.4 Multiair - 140 HP has more power and torque at low rpm (+16%) and the adoption of a Start&Stop system cuts consumption and emissions (-10%). In brief, the new engine ensures top-notch eco-friendliness (it is Euro 5 type-approved) without compromising on performance and driving pleasure. That is not all. For an even more dynamic driving experience, the Sport function can be selected by pressing a button - Sport version only - to change acceleration response and steering settings.
With a fresh style and interiors, the model offers new, competitively priced packs confirming the brand's strategy aimed at ongoing innovations that have made the Bravo one of the most popular cars in the medium compact C segment in 2009. It leads the LPG segment in Italy (totalling nearly 40% of the private customer market) and stands out in the 5-door saloon sub segment.

One of the stars of the stand is the 500 by Diesel, springing from the combined efforts of the creative teams of Fiat and Diesel, the Italian designer brand famous worldwide. The car has a special “Midnight Indigo” blue body colour, reminiscent of the hues of denim, and is equipped with a brand-new, second-generation Multijet 1.3 - 95 HP (Euro 5) with standard Start&Stop system.
A slot will also be devoted to the Punto EVO. Two engine versions will be introduced in at the Swiss motor show, putting the accent on technological excellence and care for details: the powerful Multiair 1.4 16v - 135 HP Euro 5, with CO2 emissions of merely 129 g/km and an unprecedented 1.3 Multijet II - 85 HP with ECO pack allowing a very low emission level (99 g/km).

Furthermore, in Geneva, Fiat will also be showing the most recent results of its ongoing commitment to staying close to motorists’ needs. This commitment is evident in the multi-faceted nature of the product range, in the new models and also in the updates to existing ranges. The context is a very lively one, as the currently manufactured models showcased at the stand demonstrate. First in line is a seven-seater Doblò with 1.6 - 105 HP Euro 5 Multijet engine and Start&Stop that confirms the remarkable flexibility of the model in terms of space, making it the new Fiat “family space”. Next is an exciting 500C, the original cabriolet version that pays homage to the 1957 open-air vehicle but comes packed with advanced solutions in build, engines and passenger comfort. Introduced last July, the Fiat 500C is further confirmation of the great success of the model, which will soon reach the goal of 500,000 units made in less than three years.

Finally, the 80th Geneva Motor Show will grandstand two models made for motorists who want to tackle the most demanding terrain in an eco-friendly way. On one end, there is the Fiat Sedici, with new style and engines that make it the most eco-friendly Euro 5 SUV. It fits two new engines (petrol 1.6 16v - 120 HP and diesel 2.0 16v Multijet - 135 HP with 129 CO2 g/km). On the other end, there is the Panda Cross equipped with a 1.4 - 70 HP (Euro 5) dual-fuel (petrol-methane) engine, representing the fortunate Fiat model that will be celebrating its thirtieth birthday, precisely in Geneva, where it was introduced for the first time in 1980. Over 6 million units have been sold worldwide until today.

Last but not least, brochures and customised totems at the stand will be introducing visitors to the products of FGA Capital, a joint venture of Fiat Group Automobiles and Crédit Agricole specialised in the automotive segment. The finance company will be operative in Italy and across Europe with a sole mission: supporting the sales of all Fiat Group Automobiles brand vehicles by offering innovative financial products with high added value services targeted to the dealership network, private customers and companies.

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