Ford borrows mobile phone logic to make hi-tech new Mondeo user friendly

Ford borrows mobile phone logic to make hi-tech new Mondeo user friendly  
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on 05/29/2007

Source: Ford UK

Ford's new Mondeo comes packed with advanced features which are as easy to use as a mobile phone. Ford psychology experts tapped into the intuitive logic pioneered by mobiles when deciding how all the new Mondeo's hi-tech gadgets should be controlled. This led to the development of the Ford Human Machine Interface (HMI), which helps drivers of new Mondeo to find their way round the car's phone, cruise control and audio systems without major distraction.

The secret lies in the simplicity of steering wheel-mounted buttons which navigate Ford HMI's menu choices. Each selection is confirmed by pressing the centre 'OK' button.

Phone handsets with four control buttons pointing up, down, left and right around an 'OK' button are recognised the world over. Around 95 per cent of people use a mobile phone and are familiar with the menu-based system supporting its operation. Ford supervisor Dr Stefan Becker explained more about Ford HMI – a first in the large car segment:

"Ford HMI is about a consistent approach to activating systems such as phone, cruise control and audio in new Mondeo. In simple terms, if you were to get into the new Mondeo having never driven the car, you can answer a Bluetooth-connected phone, set the speed or change the music without resorting to the vehicle handbook."

Stefan highlights simple everyday tasks such as using a car door handle as actions that are intuitive: “We do not have to think about how to use a door handle. Ford HMI offers the same intuitive pathway through new Mondeo's many technologies so drivers do not have to learn new systems.”

Minimal driver distraction

In addition to Ford HMI menus appearing on a five-inch screen located in the centre console, all information is replicated on the main instrument display. This allows key information to be visible in the driver’s direct line of sight between the dials. The display ranges from a standard monochrome screen using red illumination to the highest specification colour display.

Passenger comfort

The front passenger is able to access different systems and to regulate personal settings in the centre console. This dual control element also allows a passenger to assist the driver for the safest and quickest methods of operation.

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