Four Stars in Euro NCAP for new Twingo

Four Stars in Euro NCAP for new Twingo  
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on 08/29/2007

Source: Renault

New Twingo has scored four stars and 28(*) points out of 37 in the passive safety tests conducted by the independent organisation EuroNCAP. Alongside this excellent, officially recognised level of passive safety, New Twingo also delivers reassuring handling and class-leading road manners with sure-footed, reliable performance.

Optimal protection for all the occupants

Like all the vehicles in the Renault range, New Twingo features technologies that have proved their efficiency in real driving situations.

The restraint system comprises pretensioners with load limiters, an anti-submarining bar at the front, rear seats with profiled cushions to avoid submarining (when the pelvis slips under the lower seat belt) and a new generation-airbag for the front passenger seat. This restraint system prevents submarining and thus avoids serious injuries to the chest, stomach and legs.

In the event of impact, three systems are activated in succession in less than ten-thousandths of a second. The pretensioners keeps passengers in their seats, while the load limiters reduce the pressure of the seat belt on the occupant's chest to avoid injury, and the airbags deploy to cushion the impact.

New Twingo has up to six airbags: two at the front and two lateral airbags as standard, and optional curtain airbags. The front passenger seat features a so-called "3D" airbag, a first for Renault. The shape and volume of this airbag optimises the distribution of force between the passengers head and chest in the event of impact.

New Twingo also demonstrates Renault's expertise in child safety. It is equipped as standard with Isofix anchorage points on the front passenger seat, making it easy to install a rear-facing child seat, as well as on both independent rear seats.

Twingo's structure features energy-absorbing crumple zones to safeguard the cabin and protect all the occupants of the vehicle. In the event of frontal impact, the sill and door beam of New Twingo spread the force over the entire length of the car to absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy.

Class-best handling for a reassuring drive

Improving the performance of its predecessor, New Twingo is built on a B-segment chassis for a reassuring, reliable performance on all types of road surface (wet or dry).

New Twingo is a real car that makes no compromises on safety. It is fitted as standard with Continental MK70 ABS, electronic brakeforce distribution and emergency braking assist (EBA). Studies of real accidents have demonstrated the efficiency of EBA, which considerably reduces braking distances. New Twingo features ventilated front brake discs (diameter 259 mm) depending on the engine and equipment. New Twingo will soon be available with ESP, in order to bring customers a full range of features.

Visibility is increased by the large glazed areas and the ergonomic driving position and mirrors. The driver is thus able to better assess any dangers on the road. Comfort has also been significantly improved for tall drivers in terms of head-up vision.

New Twingo boasts modern driving aids, rarely seen on small city cars. It is available with a speed limiter, cruise control, and automatic lights, wipers and reversing radar.

A pragmatic and committed approach

Through an approach based on research into accidents and safety, Renault develops vehicles tailored to real road conditions. This means placing the emphasis on the technologies that are most efficient in preventing accidents, correcting unexpected situations and protecting passengers in the event of impact. Rather than being limited to an item of equipment or technology, Renault's approach is global. Over the years, Renault has established itself as the benchmark manufacturer in automotive safety, as illustrated by its results in published ratings.

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