Geely Unveils New Logo

Geely Unveils New Logo  
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on 11/07/2007

Source: Zhejiang Geely Holding Group

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group announced today that the new Geely logo was unveiled at Beijing Geely University on November 6. The new logo is the result of a global design contest lasting over 300 days. The winning logo was decided by online public voting and by 66 professional adjudicators. The total prize money for the contest was RMB3.6 million. For Geely, the change in logo demonstrates its fast development in the global arena. It signals not only a significant milestone for Geely's brand building, but also the maturity of China's self-owned and corporate brands. Geely spokesperson, Wang Ziliang said, "China's self-owned brands have come to realize the importance behind having the right auto brand and auto culture when trying to succeed overseas."

Geely has enjoyed strong popularity since it kicked off the global design contest on January 9, 2007. According to data from organizers of the contest, 27,336 entries were received before the August 7 deadline, of which, 12,205 were successful. Entries were received from more than 100 countries worldwide, setting world records for a corporate logo design contest, and more than 9,000 media organizations worldwide reported on this event. The winning logo, designed by Yue Xiande from Anhui province outshined fellow designs and was a welcome recipient of the top prize.

A decade ago saw Geely formally set foot in the auto industry with a philosophy of "making cars affordable for the common citizen." Following 10 years of unremitting efforts, and 700,000 Geely cars built on this philosophy, Geely now enjoys the benefits of vehicle & spare parts production bases in areas including Shanghai, Ningbo, Luqiao, Linhai, Xiangtan and Lanzhou. With a gross asset value of RMB11 billion, Geely has been recognized as one of the top 500 Chinese companies for five years in a row, and one of the top 10 Chinese car markers three years running. Geely is also regarded as the company with the fastest growth and the most remarkable development in the last 50 years of Chinese car making.

In 2007, Geely took the lead in reinventing itself. Under the new transformation strategy, the Company will shift its priorities from cost control to brand innovation strategies; from success through low prices to leadership in technology, quality, customer satisfaction and comprehensive services; from profit-oriented to user-oriented; and from corporate benefits to maximizing overall benefits. With its existing core technologies, including its CVVT engine technology, automatic transmissions and electric power-assisted steering (EPS), Geely has again made breakthroughs in safety, efficiency and environment protection fields, including hybrid oil-electricity power and proprietary electronic powertrains, high-speed blowout-proof tires and braking technologies.

The new logo was announced several months ahead of schedule after a sharpening of its brand strategy. The Company believes that the earlier unveiling of the new logo will help accelerate the pace of its strategic transformation.

At the unveiling ceremony of the new logo, Geely announced the winners of the gold award, the 10 silver awards and the 100 bronze awards. The jury panel, comprised of industry experts, leaders, journalists, designers and Geely customers, reviewed statements made by both candidates vying for the gold award -- Yang Yourui from Shanghai and Yue Xiande from Anhui province -- fully reflecting the principle of an open, fair and just selection process.

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