Gentex Mirrors Featured On New Jaguar

Gentex Mirrors Featured On New Jaguar  
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on 03/21/2008

Source: Gentex

Gentex Corporation, the leading supplier of automatic-dimming rearview mirrors to the worldwide automotive industry, has announced that it is supplying auto-dimming interior and exterior rearview mirrors for the 2008/2009 Jaguar XF. The XF was launched in Europe and will be introduced later in 2008 to the North American market.

The new Jaguar will feature a three-mirror auto-dimming system. Interior and exterior auto-dimming mirrors will be standard equipment on the Luxury, Premium Luxury and 4.2 trim levels in North America and standard on the two higher trim levels in other global markets. The North American model will also offer a HomeLink® - compatible garage door/entry gate opener feature on all three trim levels. All global exterior auto-diming mirrors will be available with puddle lamps and side blind zone indicators. Gentex mirrors darken automatically in response to the headlamp glare of rearward-approaching vehicles. HomeLink® is Johnson Control’s fully integrated wireless control system.

“Working closely with Jaguar Cars, Gentex has been able to produce auto-dimming and other visual safety products that can be used throughout the automaker’s global market,” said Gentex senior vice president Enoch Jen. “We are very pleased that Jaguar recognises our value-added products and have made them available around the world.”

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