GM - Chevrolet Cruze will 'surprise' many customers

GM - Chevrolet Cruze will 'surprise' many customers  
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on 06/14/2009

The Chevrolet Cruze is a new global car from the American stable, one that promises to help during these troubled times threatening to get worse. The Cruze sold in Korea as the Lacetti Premiere with a Daewoo badge, strolls into Australia this year as a Holden. Markets like India are awaiting this model curiously, while China has a dedicated production line which has been churning out this car for a few months now.

GM's CEO Fritz Henderson, writes on the GM blog that the new compact car would surprise many Americans. The Cruze uses fuel efficient 4 cylinder petrol engine and will also come with the diesel option (a 2.0-liter Common Rail Direct Injection unit) which already is servicing Korean customers, would also make it stateside.

The Cruze was developed to replace the aging Optra/Lacetti in many markets. It was intended to be sold through Asia and Europe much like it smaller sibling, the new generation Spark based on the Beat Concept. Cars like the Spark and the Beat are off beat cars. GM's history is filled with humongous gas guzzling automobiles, some of most popular SUVs and pickup trucks have come from GM's production lines.

GM CEO Fritz Henderson -

If you haven't heard, next year we'll roll out an all-new compact that will surprise most customers with its terrific fuel efficiency (approaching 40 mpg highway), appealing interior design and spacious five-passenger cabin. This new car, our Chevrolet Cruze, will feature a small but very powerful 1.4 liter direct-injection turbo-charged gasoline engine in an attractive and affordable package. Now, we recognize that small-car buyers have long held Asian imports to be best-in-class in this segment, and we know that simply fielding a competitive car won't cut it. That's why we're out to beat the competition.

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