GM Daewoo Hosts Next-Generation Vehicle Preview

GM Daewoo Hosts Next-Generation Vehicle Preview  
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on 10/15/2007

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GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo) today hosted the GM Daewoo Next-Generation Vehicle Preview, an exclusive sneak peak at its future design concepts, at the newly expanded GM Daewoo Design Center. Today’s activity is part of the company’s celebration of its fifth anniversary. “Since our company’s establishment five years ago, GM Daewoo has become an integral member of GM’s global vehicle development process and manufacturing network,” said Michael Grimaldi, GM Daewoo President and CEO. “These future design concepts demonstrate our ongoing capabilities and commitment to the development of new vehicles in Korea for Korea and the world.”

The five next-generation products shown today provide a glimpse of the design direction for future mini-cars up to the large premium sedan segment.

Making their first public appearance in Korea today are the “mini triplets.” The three mini-car concept vehicles, which are based on GM’s global mini-car architecture and were created by designers at GM Daewoo, made headlines at this year’s New York and Frankfurt motor shows.

“Our new vehicles showcase our designers’ creativity and passion.” said Tae-Wan Kim, Executive Director of the GM Daewoo Design Center. “GM Daewoo takes great pride in our fundamental role in the development of the next generation of global mini and small cars for GM around the globe.”

The GM Daewoo design team’s talent and workmanship have been widely recognized. As a key member of GM’s engineering and design network, they have helped reduce time and cost. According to Tae-Wan Kim, the design and development process for the “mini triplet” concepts, for example, was shortened by two months. This resulted in great cost savings.

A highlight of today’s activity was a first-of-its-kind tour of the GM Daewoo Design Center. With an initial investment of KRW 6.5 billion, the facility opened in 2003. Since then, another KRW 20 billion has been invested to expand and upgrade the GM Daewoo Design Center.

Among the new world-class technology introduced are a Team Center Community (TCC) system and a Virtual Reality (VR) room. The TCC system, adopted at only 12 GM design studios around the world, provides all design team members flexible access to GM’s innovative and diverse car design programs. This helps them keep up with fast-changing design trends in different markets. The VR room is a time and cost-saving tool for design development. Using 3-D computer graphics, designers can share their ideas and transfer them instantly in a virtual space.

“With our expanded Design Center, GM Daewoo will further strengthen our world-class vehicle design and development capability,” said Michael Grimaldi. “It will allow us to keep rolling out segment-leading products with advanced designs, high quality and outstanding value that our customers expect.”

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