Hamann's most ambitious project yet - Rolls Royce Phantom and Drophead

Hamann's most ambitious project yet - Rolls Royce Phantom and Drophead  
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on 05/31/2009

A tuned Rolls Royce is the same way I react to Suzuki Alto vRS. It is ridiculous by any objective measure and fails to sound anything but wrong. The world is place where strange things often happen, and something in the same frequency just struck my ear drums. Listen to this...

HAMANN aspires to be the world's best tuner and a territory which other tuners have not waded becomes the loaf of opportunity to them. They've moved the gear a ratio higher with this Rolls ROyce customization package. Imagine if the Queen of England traveled out of the palace sitting at the back of a HAMANN Rolls Royce! How will that be?

The information thats come our way is sparse, but we expect more details in the future -

Both the Phantom and the two-door Drophead get upgrades like the wheels which have moved from the standard 21-inch cast aluminium to 23-inches.

Maximum power has also been increased from 460hp (338kW) to 535hp (394kW). Peak torque goes from 720Nm to 835Nm. The top speed then improves to 300km/h as an effect.

A more powerful and sporty Ferrari is a pressing issue among the rich and adventurous but a more sporty and black alloyed Rolls Royce isn't and will never be.

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