Hertz improves travel for all with in-car DVD players

Hertz improves travel for all with in-car DVD players  
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on 01/03/2007

Source: Hertz Europe Limited

Most parents are used to the challenge of taking children on long drives, and the battle to keep them occupied can often make journeys to visit family and friends a stressful experience. This problem is set to be a thing of the past as Hertz becomes the first car rental company to provide the option of portable DVD players, so the kids in the back can watch their favourite films and parents can enjoy the drive without hearing the words "Are we there yet?"

The first DVD units from Hertz are available in 27 locations in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and a further 20 locations will open in the UK in January 2007. A further roll out across Europe is planned in 2007. The Hertz DVD system, set to become the ultimate holiday accessory, is fully transportable, so can also be used in the hotel room, avoiding those expensive film rentals.

The system, supplied by SeViC Systems (UK) Ltd, has a 7” screen, high quality audio output and headphones, and is powered through the car 12v plug, mains electricity, or by a long-life battery. It has a patented safety head rest mounting for in-car use and will play DVDs from all over the world, with the option of playing films back through a TV at home, or in a hotel. It also doubles up as a CD player.

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