Highly Sophisticated Transporter isn't very sophisticated to understand

Highly Sophisticated Transporter isn't very sophisticated to understand  
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on 06/15/2009

Green transportation is the tag given to the future of transport. If anything that can consume less and do the same work as the conventional truck or bus can do, then that deserves to be shown the spotlight. Take for instance the Highly Sophisticated Transporter (HST), we're flattered by its design and engineering.

Kenyan designer Kioko Muthui's Highly Sophisticated Transporter (HST) is electric powered with a diesel range extender and solar panels built in to tap the sun's energy. Able to carry 65 tons load, it uses regenerative brakes and an aerodynamic design that puts it among the crop of the most efficient commercial vehicles.

Designed as a "vision for future long-distance road haulage", the HST "would feature extraordinary fuel efficiency, a significantly improved driving experience, a higher level of active and passive safety, and enhanced environmental and infrastructural considerations."

Innovative ideas such as the HST needs to blossom, is Volvo or Daimler getting any of this?


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