Hummer to be sold to the Chinese?

Hummer to be sold to the Chinese?  
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on 06/19/2008

Source: China Car Times

This is a very interesting scenario. SUVs powered by big gasoline engines are becoming unpopular in the U.S, thanks to sky-rocketing crude oil prices that threaten to destroy the conventional car itself. GM has been posting record losses on a regular basis and to stop the bleeding to some extent, it planned to push off the Hummer brand, one of the main culprits.

Initially it was Tata and Mahindra from India who were rumored to be having discussions with GM, but now, it looks like the Chinese mean serious business as well.

Before you burst out laughing or swear your guts out, you need to digest this piece of information. A Chinese company by the name Changfeng, had signed a contract with Hummer a while back to supply the vehicles' chassis (not lamps, plastics or leather, mind you)

GM is finding life a lot easier in developing countries like China and India. "If any Chinese companies are interested in buying Hummer, it will be certainly an option for us to look at. We need to be open to all ideas," said Henderson, president and chief operating officer.

While GM is more than happy to sell Hummer to the Chinese (or anyone else for that matter), it's pretty difficult to come up with one automaker in China who would have the required cash to seal the deal. BMW's Chinese partner Brilliance crosses my mind at this instant but nevertheless, we will be keeping a close eye on the development of this story.

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