Hybrids Could Become a Hit in Britain

Hybrids Could Become a Hit in Britain  
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on 09/14/2007

Source: Maritz Research gmbH

The international car industry is currently presenting many environmentally friendly models at the IAA, the biggest car exhibition in the world. But could they really be successful in the British market? The clear answer is yes! For 64% of British drivers, hybrid cars offer a genuine alternative to conventional engines. One in five drivers (21%) is even thinking seriously about buying a hybrid when he or she next buys a new car. What's more, hybrid cars could become a lucrative business. British car buyers would be willing to pay out for a hybrid car, even if it was up to GBP947 more expensive than an equivalent petrol powered vehicle. This was shown by an international study conducted by the market research institute Maritz Research.

"There is huge enthusiasm for hybrids amongst British consumers", explains Christian Vorwerck, director of marketing at Maritz Research. "The potential for the car industry is massive." At the moment, the proportion of hybrid cars on the roads of Britain remains low, at roughly one percent.

Consumers know their stuff when it comes to green technology

The discussion regarding climate change in previous months has been particularly helpful in boosting the profile of hybrid technology amongst consumers. Today, 63% of British car drivers claim to be familiar with the way a hybrid engine works. This means that knowledge of hybrid technology is significantly greater than that of other alternative technologies such as bio-diesel or electric engines. "Even the image of certain car constructors has profited from this" says Vorwerck. Toyota is the perfect example for this - the Japanese company has been able to make the Prius a synonym for a clean car. And even dealers are now convinced that Toyota has the most environmentally friendly portfolio of cars: 54% of British car dealers regard it as the leading force in the development of alternative engines.

British drivers would pay this much more for green motors(i):

1. Hybrid: GBP947
2. Fuel cell: GBP862
3. Electric: GBP902
4. LPG: GBP629
5. Bio-Diesel: GBP772

(i)in comparison with a petrol engine. Source: Maritz Poll

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