Illustration - New 2010 Fiat Uno

Illustration - New 2010 Fiat Uno  
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on 06/03/2009

The 2010 Fiat Uno is based on the platform of the next generation Fiat Panda. Its launch date is still unknown, but sources indicate it will be launched late this year or the next. The looks of the new 2010 Fiat Uno will resemble the current Panda, but due the low cost technology and engineering, it will be priced below the Panda as an entry level model for European markets.

Rumors floating around convey that the Fiat Uno will be sold in China later this year. Although it is not clear whether Fiat will bring CKDs into China or manufacture it locally, it should be priced competitively to take on the international and local competition.

The new 2010 Fiat Uno will have all safety equipment like Airbags and ABS standard sporting fresh and funky interiors like the Fiat 500.

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