Jaguar XJ Diesel wins 2008 Towcar Award

Jaguar XJ Diesel wins 2008 Towcar Award  
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on 06/22/2008

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Jaguar has claimed the 2008 Towcar Award for the XJ 2.7 litre Diesel in the 1725-1899kg category. The award was presented by What Car?, Practical Caravan, and The Camping and Caravanning Club.

The cars were put through their paces for their towing ability and a host of other qualities including driving performance when not towing, practicality, value for money and safety.

The judging panel comprising industry experts, motoring journalists and caravanning enthusiasts were particularly impressed with the way that the XJ performed. The judges chose the XJ as the winner because: "Stability and ride comfort don’t always go together. Cars with rear suspension that’s firm almost to a fault in normal driving are often the most composed when towing. But the XJ combines unflappable stability with limousine comfort. The suspension’s alchemy was worth its weight in gold through the lane-change test. The XJ changed direction quickly, gripping hard and holding the intended line. However much the caravan slid behind it, the Jag wouldn’t budge. Data from the ATC shows how much G-force was generated in the van, but the smooth curve of the graph speaks volumes as to how undramatic the Jaguar made this manoeuvre."

Managing Director of Jaguar in the UK, Geoff Cousins said: "What this award does is demonstrate the breadth of capability of the XJ. It is already renowned for its all-aluminium body construction, state-of-the-art technologies and outstanding craftsmanship and build quality. I am delighted we have won this award; it really demonstrates the diverse appeal of the XJ."

This is the latest in a number of awards for Jaguar's flagship model. Most recently, the XJ 2.7 litre Diesel was named Britain's greenest luxury car in the Environmental Transport Association's 2008 Car Buyers Guide. Earlier in the year, the XJ Long Wheelbase was voted 'Chauffeur Car of the Year' by Chauffeur Magazine, while What Car?, Auto Trader and Auto Express all voted the XJ 'Best Luxury Car' in their various Used Car Awards towards the end of last year.

Since its launch in 2003, the XJ model line-up has been enhanced to include the XJ long wheelbase, the special edition XJR Portfolio, the XJ armoured vehicle and most recently the XJ 08 Model Year, featuring a revised exterior design and significantly upgraded interior.

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