Kia confirms attendance at British International Motor Show

Kia confirms attendance at British International Motor Show  
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on 05/19/2008

Source: Kia

Kia Motors is pleased to confirm its attendance at this year’s British International Motor Show where it will show a raft of concept cars alongside current models to highlight the continued and rapid development of the brand.

The concept cars will hint at the future design direction of the Korean brand, under the guidance of designers Peter Schreyer, Chief Design Officer, and Gregory Guillaume, European Chief Designer, whilst the complete cee’d range will show how far the brand has developed in recent times.

On show from Kia will be at least five concept cars, which will include SOUL Burner, SOUL Diva, SOUL Searcher, the four-seat KEE coupe and rag-top ex_cee’d. Also on show will be a number of Kia’s latest cars, including the newly introduced cee’d Sport, cee’d SW Sport and the pro_cee’d. This will be the first time the latest generation of Kia concept cars have been together in any one place, making the British International Motor Show a unique opportunity to see how the cars reflect developing design cues.

Kia Motors Corporation has chosen London to make a very special announcement about a forthcoming product, due on sale in the UK in 2009. This new and exciting car will give the clearest indication yet of the design future of the brand as more Kia concepts become reality.

Paul Philpott, Managing Director Kia Motors UK Ltd., said; ‘British International Motor Show is an important event for Kia Motors. And an exciting one! By gathering together the latest crop of concept cars and current models, we aim to show everyone how far Kia has come in such a short space of time. From being just a value brand we are now viewed by many as being more about quality and design.

‘Our British International Motor Show stand will emphasise that Kia is living up to it’s slogan, The Power to Surprise. We will be launching around 13 new or revised products throughout 2009 and 2010 – all will be dynamic, exciting, high quality and design led. There are many more surprises to come from Kia!’.

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