KW Audi TT RS turns even more dynamic

KW Audi TT RS turns even more dynamic  
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on 01/14/2010

Source: KW

Dynamic, more dynamic, most dynamic. And for Audi that goes TT, TTS, TT RS. The suspension specialist KW automotive is able to even equip the top model TT RS with additional dynamics. For this reason, the entire range of coilover suspensions and the Hydraulic Lift System HLS by the suspension specialist from Fichtenberg, Germany is available.

KW attunes the coilover suspensions Variant 1 to the Audi TT RS (already from 849 Euro including VAT). With the coilover suspension Variant 2 the driver is also able to individually adjust the traction phase (from 1099 Euro). Both versions are available in the “Basic“ version at a favourable entry level price. Moreover, the versions Variant 1 and 2 are available in stainless steel technology “inox-line“. This technology guarantees that the individual component parts remain permanently flexible even during intensive use and winter conditions.

The version Variant 3 “inox-line“ allows full control of the set-up and comes with an adjustable traction and compression phase (for only 1549 Euro). Therefore, the suspension can be exactly adjusted to the requirements of the driver and the track. For racing purposes, KW additionally offers the coilover suspension KW Clubsport for only 1999 Euro including strut mounts.

In order to keep the Audi TT RS fit for everyday use, KW installs the Hydraulic Lift System HLS (already from 2899 Euro). By remote control, the coupé is lifted by 40 millimetres at the front- and back axle. Therefore, no access to underground car parks and no speed bumps can harm the front skirt.

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