L200 – all colours now available in green

L200 – all colours now available in green  
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on 04/01/2008

Source: Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi has announced that the new L200’s manual transmission variants will come with a 225 g/km CO2 emissions rating, placing them in the lower Congestion Charge band and saving drivers £17 per trip in and out of the Capital.

The CO2 reduction secures exemption from Transport for London’s (TfL) “Extended-cab dual purpose pickup” congestion charge of £25 per day. Applicable to all new L200 registrations from April 1st 2008, a customer driving the revised L200 Club and Double Cab range with manual transmission will only pay £8 per day.

Jim Tyrrell, Mitsubishi’s Managing Director, stated that “the vast majority of our customers run a 4x4 for a specific purpose – not simply as a fashion item. We have worked hard to reduce the emissions levels wherever we can to help minimise any negative financial impact on the thousands of businesses that have chosen to use our pick-ups.”

The multiple award-winning L200 is also renowned for its rugged practicality, off road prowess, high specification, low running costs and numerous safety features – including being the only vehicle in its class to boast stability and traction control on all high series variants.

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