Liverpool’s black cabs to stay

Liverpool’s black cabs to stay  
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on 04/01/2008

Source: LTI Vehicles

Liverpool City Council voted to retain its distinctive fleet of accessible taxis last Friday. The decision followed a lengthy consultation and two council meetings, which heard extensive evidence from a range of interested parties.

The current taxi fleet in Liverpool is instantly recognisable and gives passengers the confidence that they are using a properly licensed taxi. This is especially important for women travelling at night, as it ensures they know that the taxi they are getting into is safe.

All of Liverpool’s 1,400 taxis are fully accessible to both disabled and able bodied passengers. They are equipped with a range of features to provide security, access and comfort. These include a wheelchair retention system to hold wheelchairs firmly in place, a swivel seat to help people with reduced mobility, a hearing loop and intercom system and contrasting seat edging and easy grip handles to aid the visually impaired.

Rob Laidler, Sales Director at LTI Vehicles said: “We are pleased with this decision. We recognise that disabled groups have concerns that wheelchairs passengers are not always secured on taxi journeys and we will therefore be helping the TGWU union to deliver a driver training programme in Liverpool to put this right.

“We are also keen to work with Liverpool’s disabled groups to look at how we can improve our current taxi. We are very proud of our professional taxi service in Liverpool and feel sure that that the public will be pleased with this decision to keep such an iconic vehicle and the benefits that it provides.”

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