LOVE and K155’S from DVLA this Valentine’s

LOVE and K155’S from DVLA this Valentine’s  
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on 01/29/2007

Romantics across Britain looking to surprise their sweethearts with something extra special this Valentine’s Day, should look no further than where, for the very first time, they’ll be able to search for registrations beginning with the quirky combination – K155. Whilst officially ‘on sale’ from February 5th, over ten thousand different combinations of the K155 range will be available to view online from February 1st, including, K155 BLE, ideal for someone whose lips just cry out to be kissed, K155 TEL, fitting for a lover who likes to reveal all and K155 XME, sure to muster a reaction from the recipient and even other motorists!

Additionally, more than ten thousand M155 prefix registrations will become available for the first time such as M155 EDU, great for the person who misses their loved one when apart and M155 XME, for a lady who likes to be kissed!

For those with something a little more specific to say, other Valentine’s themed registrations can be found, like MY07 LUV, ideal for a pair of 2007 lovebirds, MY06 GAL, the perfect gift from him to her and MY05 GUY from her to him!

Louise Pierpoint, publicity manager for DVLA Personalised Registrations commented: “A lot of imagination goes in to choosing the perfect personalised registration for someone. Buyers tend to have an understanding of what the individual likes, what they do and what their hobbies are and so this tends to form the basis of their decision.”

She continued: “It shouldn’t matter whether a registration is recognised by a stranger. There are millions of combinations available and whilst many can be seen to state or relate to something, many are simply personal to that individual.”

Find the ideal registration for that special someone in your life by logging on to DVLA’s official website or by calling DVLA’s telesales hotline on 0870 6000 142 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday or on Saturday, between 9am to 1pm.

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