LSD wing doors now for Audi TT Type 8J

LSD wing doors now for Audi TT Type 8J  
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on 02/02/2007

Source: LSD

LSD Audi TT Type 8JLSD Audi TT Type 8J

For the high achiever of the coupe segment from Ingolstadt, Germany, LSD now offers also its spectacular wing door hinges. With few time and effort the Audi TT Type 8J becomes a startling show car. Meanwhile tuners lay their hands also on normal family station wagons like the Audi TT Type 8J and prove, that this cars have talent to be attractive show cars as well. Now owners of such a car can make the LSD wing doors being the icing on the cake of their tuning.

LSD door fittings come with a German TÜV certificate certifying that the LSD wing doors meet all safety standards.

Compared to other retrofit sets for wing doors, the LSD fittings made in Germany are more impressive due to their absolutely sound engineering and the highest-possible standard of quality.

In addition, a testing laboratory accredited by the German Kraftfahrtbundesamt (Federal motoring bureau) proved in a side-crash test, that the LSD-solution patented in Germany is as secure as a door assembled in the series production. This means: the occupants safety is guarateed by the LSD door fittings in a side-crash complying with rule 96/27/EG. LSD makes a quick and easy installation possible, without any welding or repainting necessary. Another convincing feature is their perfect fit, thanks to the ability to make three-dimensional adjustments.

The LSD door fittings are mounted directly at the points where the original doors were removed. With the added fittings, the otherwise unchanged doors open first outward and then gently glide upward and stop. Adjustable buffers prevent the doors from being opened too wide or from falling downward or inward when open. A simple grip is all it takes to close the door.

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On the one hand, the LSD solution allows you to open the door in a outward motion with an aperture angle of approx. 30°; on the other hand, it also allows you to swing the wing door upward, and all that without any great exertion. The LSD wing doors lend any car a sensational look and are the ideal solution for all fans of unusual tuning and show cars. The LSD door fittings are available from LSD or special dealers.

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