Mclaren F1 sets things on fire, literally

Mclaren F1 sets things on fire, literally  
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on 06/04/2009

How many times have we witnessed such a scene before. In the recent past, there have been cases of an Audi R8, Ferrari 599 and the Enzo turning into "red hot" properties.

A Mclaren F1 supercar, valued at $2 million caught fire as its owner was travelling on the roads of California. This the first instance that I have come across of a F1 bursting into flames. Luckily no one was injured in the incident, the driver fled from his car and called for help. The local fire department rushed to the scene and put the flames out in time, saving it from complete destruction.

The car's owner, identified by the Santa Rosa Press Democrat as Irv Kessler claimed he holds a $3 million insurance policy on the car. There is also hope of restoring this car as Mclaren runs a shop that repairs damaged supercars.

Source - Autoweek

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