Mercedes-Benz agenda aims at a greener vehicles

Mercedes-Benz agenda aims at a greener vehicles  
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on 06/16/2008

While automakers have put their thinking caps on, Mercedes-Benz has advanced a step and announced its future plans on how it will combat the strict regulations awaiting the auto sector.

A leap of 12% in fuel efficiency is predicted by Mercedes by adopting certain techniques and methodologies. Termed "BlueEFFICIENCY," aerodynamic upgrades, lightweight design and energy management, forced induction, direct injection and smaller displacement engines are the key areas on which they will work on. Environmental sustainability will be given prime importance around which at the entire design will be carried out.

Part of their agenda also has something to do with hybrid drivetrains, zero-emissions battery-powered vehicles and cutting-edge combustion engine technologies that sync the best of diesel and petrol engine design, like Diesotto.

The S400 BlueHYBRID luxury sedan which will be launched in 2009, will use lithium-ion batteries to achieve greater fuel efficiency, indicating that Mercedes has already started working on the above plan.

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