Mercedes-Benz World Keeps the River Wey at Bay

Mercedes-Benz World Keeps the River Wey at Bay  
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on 02/16/2009

The flood compensation scheme at Mercedes-Benz World has been put to the test this week, after half the expected rainfall for the month came down on Monday.

To date the scheme has successfully protected local residents and businesses, including the Brooklands Museum, from the devastating floods experienced in previous years when the River Wey burst its banks.

Peter O’Halloran, managing director of Mercedes-Benz World, explained how the scheme works: “When Mercedes-Benz World was developed we created a series of channels to divert excess water from the River Wey. The channels redirect the water into three designated areas on our site in order to protect local homes and businesses from flooding.

“The largest water containment area is 10 acres of rough terrain which is usually used for off-road driving experiences. The Wet Skid Circle on the Handling Circuits is the second area we use to hold flood water, along with the low-lying land between there and the river. The third area is in the Community Park and has two direct channels to and from the River Wey to help manage water levels.

“The area has suffered terribly from flooding in the past, so we’re pleased that the scheme is helping to protect the local community and standing up to the extreme weather conditions that we’ve been experiencing in recent weeks.”

Mercedes-Benz World was awarded the Daimler Environmental Leadership Award in 2007 in recognition of its contributions to preserving local wildlife and heritage as well as the flood compensation scheme.

Mercedes-Benz World is open daily from 10am to 6pm, seven days a week (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day), and admission is free.

Approximately one inch of rain fell in the local area on Monday 9 February, which combined with the wet ground and melting snow.

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