Mini-Volvo C30 to participate in Athletic Games

Mini-Volvo C30 to participate in Athletic Games  
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on 07/16/2007

Source: Volvo

Mini-Volvo C30Mini-Volvo C30Mini-Volvo C30Mini-Volvo C30Mini-Volvo C30

A very special electric Volvo C30 will participate in the Pan-American games, starting in Rio de Janeiro 13 July 2007. The 1:5 scale model of the city hatchback Volvo C30, with the distinct horse shoe shaped back lights will help in the throwing disciplines. This little car was developed to be able to quickly and smoothly transport javelins, hammers or discuses from the place they land, back to the competing athletes again.

Volvo Cars has hand-built the unique body that has been placed onto a chassis made by Nordic Sport. The car is radio controlled and has a two horsepower electric motor. Maximum speed is 20 km/h (5 mph).

It is designed to be able to transport four discuses, three javelins or two hammers.

-- The Volvo C30 is the smallest Volvo model on the market, and this particular Volvo C30 is much smaller but just as cool as its big sister, says Lennart Ekdahl, project leader for the mini-Volvo. It will however not be for sale to the general public.

The Pan-American games are a major athletics competition for the countries in the Americas. This year, 42 countries will participate in the games that are held between 13 and 29 July 2007.

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