Mischievous Minis Voted Nation's Favourite

Mischievous Minis Voted Nation's Favourite  
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on 05/18/2007


The Italian Job Minis have been voted as the nation's favourite cars from film and television in a poll by online car insurance specialist, The second most popular was Back to The Future's DeLorean with KITT, Knight Rider's talking car coming in third. asked motorists to name their favourite famous cars and their childhood had a big impact on their answers as each age group voted for cars in television series or films popular when they were growing up.

Motorists in their twenties went for '80s classic KITT, the talking car from Knight Rider while drivers in their thirties prefer the Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee. The over forties bucked the trend, and chose a British classic and the more sedate pace of Inspector Morse's Jaguar.

Ceri Assiratti, Managing Director of, said: "I think this survey shows that nostalgia guides people's feelings when it comes to their favourite famous cars. The top three also show that people love a bit of excitement when watching cars on screen.

"Personally, my favourites are the Minis in The Italian Job; I think it's unusual for the cars featured in a film to be as famous as the actors!"

When it comes to gender, men and women also have different favourites, with women favouring Herbie, the fun loving VW Beetle, and men preferring the Italian Job Minis. is currently insuring the most recently released models of Mini at a lower insurance group.

Most popular famous cars

Car - Percentage of votes

The Italian Job Minis - 13.7%
Back To The Future's DeLorean - 12.3%
Knight Rider's KITT - 11.2%
Inspector Morse's Jaguar - 11.2%
Herbie the VW - 10.9%
The Dukes of Hazzard's General - 9.8%
The Batmobile - 8.8%
A-Team van - 7.7%
Starsky and Hutch's Ford Gran 5.6%
Trotters Independent Trading van - 4.5%

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