Mitsubishi L200 takes pole position with National Grid

Mitsubishi L200 takes pole position with National Grid  
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on 07/26/2007

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National Grid is yet another large organisation which has chosen Mitsubishi as its preferred supplier of 4x4 vehicles, the latest addition to the energy transmission company’s fleet being a batch of 40 new L200 pick-ups. After establishing a five-year deal with Mitsubishi in April 2005, National Grid has so far purchased 102 vehicles comprising 22 SWB 4Work Shoguns and a total of 80 L200 Pick-ups. The Shoguns are used by supervisors and technicians who oversee teams of engineers as they are working on-site, whilst the L200s are mainly used by overhead line crews, who look after the company’s 22,000 towers and vast network of cables.

Such has been the ability of the previous L200 model to fulfil this role, National Grid had no hesitation in placing its order for the new L200, as Fleet Operations Manager Gary Foster explains:

“Our support teams need to carry tools and equipment to our installations, many of which are towers situated in the middle of fields. Therefore it is imperative that we have a vehicle that is capable off road, has good load-carrying ability and can transport our engineers in comfort. The L200 does all of these things.”

To ensure the right vehicle was chosen, National Grid evaluated models from a range of manufacturers through a full competitive tendering process and, after carefully assessing the benefits, Mitsubishi came out on top.

“Factors such as usability, versatility and total cost of ownership were all considered,” said Mr Foster. “Taking into account all of these aspects, added to which our engineering teams enjoyed driving the vehicles, Mitsubishi emerged as the clear winner.”

In addition to this latest batch of L200s, National Grid has just ordered a further eight SWB 4Work Shoguns, further affirming the suitability of Mitsubishi’s 4x4 range for the varied duties which its vehicles have to perform.

“It’s great to see our cars endorsed by National Grid and to hear they are being used for such a variety of purposes,” said Lance Bradley, Sales and Marketing Director for Mitsubishi Motors UK. “We’re delighted the company finds the L200 and Shogun ideal for the important work carried out by its engineering teams and we look forward to our continued and successful relationship.”

The National Grid’s new fleet of L200 Pick-ups is currently undergoing conversion at Mitsubishi’s in-house special vehicle operation workshops, where additional equipment is added, before the vehicles go into service during the next few weeks.

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