Mitsubishi production, sales and exports down

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on 02/26/2009

Source: Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation today announced global production, as well as domestic sales and export figures for January 2009.

Total global production came in at 53,339 units, a decline of 53.9 percent over January 2008 and the eleventh consecutive monthly decrease since March 2008. Production volume in Japan at 25,392 units was down 65.0 percent as a 67.7 percent decrease in passenger car and a 40.3 percent decline in commercial vehicle output saw year-on-year output fall for the third consecutive month. The fall in production volume in Japan was due mainly to the impact on sales volume in the company's world markets of the global financial crisis.

Sales in Japan
Vehicle sales in Japan in January totalled 9,655 units, a 36.3 percent decrease year-on-year and the 17th consecutive monthly decline since September 2007. Registered vehicle sales volume was 54.0 percent down on the same month last year. Minicar sales volume was 23.2 percent down.

Production overseas
Overseas production volume totalled 27,947 units, 35.3 percent down over January last year and the eleventh consecutive monthly decline. By region, output in North America was 66.5 percent down as production levels were adjusted for slow sales in the United States. In Europe, output was 20.3 percent down due to sluggish sales in the region.

Export shipments from Japan
Total exports from Japan of 12,936 units were 77.4 percent down on January 2008, marking the third consecutive month of year-on-year decreases. Exports to Asia at 970 units were 54.7 percent down on January 2008 due mainly to a drop in exports of built-up models to China. Exports to Europe at 4,673 units were 84.1 percent down due mainly to a major drop in sales in Russia and The Ukraine. Exports to North America as a whole at 2,252 units were 67.7 percent down, though shipments to Canada only slipped by five percent.

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