Mitsubishi retains 4x4 supply contract to the Environment Agency

Mitsubishi retains 4x4 supply contract to the Environment Agency  
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on 04/21/2008

Source: Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Motors UK is delighted to report that its contract to supply 4x4 vehicles to the Environment Agency has recently been renewed for a second term. Following a re-evaluation of products currently on the market and, after going through a re-tendering exercise, the Environment Agency has again chosen Mitsubishi as one of its preferred suppliers.

Since the beginning of 2004, the Environment Agency has purchased the multi-purpose L200 pick-up, both in single and double-cab variations, plus the extremely capable Shogun, mainly in short-wheel-base 4Work form.

Fleet Operations Contracts Manager for the Environment Agency Tony Sale explains: “Value for money, environmental considerations and fit for purpose in carrying out everyday flood defence and environmental management work were the key factors considered in the renewal of the contract. Our vehicles must be reliable, efficient to run and perform well on the road – as well as off it.”

The Environment Agency uses its fleet of off-road vehicles primarily to patrol rivers, lakes and coastlines, plus monitor parts of the countryside for fly-tipping and the visiting of farms – all areas where four-wheel-drive is essential.

Last summer and again more recently, the Environment Agency’s fleet of Mitsubishis were put to the test when extreme weather conditions caused devastating floods in various parts of the country. As the Environment Agency battled to protect lives and property, it relied on vehicles in its fleet like the L200s to get engineers to the areas which were most affected, enabling emergency and repair work to be carried out.

In addition to its L200 pick-ups, Mitsubishi will also supply the Environment Agency with Outlander 4Works, the commercial version of Mitsubishi’s mid-size 4x4. The Outlanders are to be used by supervisors for less arduous tasks. The Environment Agency was encouraged by its load carrying ability and economic diesel engine, which has the lowest CO2 emissions of all vehicles in its class.

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