Modern car brake discs warp, judder and wear out faster

Modern car brake discs warp, judder and wear out faster  
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on 02/21/2007

Source: Car Parts Direct

Brake discs are wearing out faster, warping and losing their braking performance earlier on some modern vehicles according to a new report. Mail order supplier Car Parts Direct claims it is regularly supplying replacement brake discs for nearly new cars that have been driven for less than 25,000 miles. Early brake disc wear appears to be a combination of problems. Modern brake pads are more abrasive due to harder compounds used in brake pad material and so wear discs faster. Inferior brake discs imported from the Far East could be to blame for some car makers.

Thousands of new cars arrive in the UK, are parked up for several months, stock piled, waiting to be distributed to dealers. These vehicles stand in all weather conditions without the wheels moving, the brake discs start to rust and deteriorate even before the customer receives their new vehicle.

Car Parts Direct claims it has seen a 23% increase in sales of brake discs for vehicles under two years old, whilst sales of brakes for cars over two years have risen by only 14%. Complaints about the original brake discs fitted on cars are now very common according to a spokesman from Car Parts Direct.

The problem is not limited to any particular manufacturer, there are reports of top marques such as BMW and Mercedes brake discs failing early as well as popular fleet car suppliers.

Mark Cornwall of Car Parts Direct said, “The last five years have seen a year-on-year increase for motorists requiring brake discs for nearly new or low mileage vehicles where drivers experience judder, warping, noise or poor braking performance.”

Whilst Car Parts Direct supplies original specification replacement brake discs they claim that an increased number of drivers are choosing to fit their Rossini performance discs, especially after they have experienced a brake disc problem.

Rossini’s special multi-drilled and grooved performance discs are designed to provide improved stopping power. Grooves in the brake disc reduce brake pad glazing and repel brake dust. Drilling cools the discs quicker and helps improve brake grip – instantly.

Titanium in the discs provides added strength to prevent warping – the main cause of brake judder. Rossini Performance brake discs can improve the stopping distance by as much as 40%.

The unique brake disc design has the manufacturer’s logo embedded in to the disc face. So any sign of uneven wear is quickly detected. When the logo eventually disappears you know that the thickness is down to the legal safety limit.

Rossini brake discs are priced from around £100 a pair. Brake pads are also available to suit the discs.

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