More to Binz makeover than just E-Class mascara

More to Binz makeover than just E-Class mascara  
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on 09/18/2006

With the arrival of the revised Mercedes-Benz E-class, it was only a brief period of time before coachbuilders Binz followed suit with their own extended-chassis versions. Thanks to the unique close working and technical relationships with the Stuttgart car maker, Binz has been able to carry over key safety innovations such as Pre-Safe into this next evolution of E-Class limousines and hearses. A 2.8 litre CDi diesel enters the line up too, matched to a new 7 speed automatic transmission promising more power with improved fuel economy, and ‘step-less’ gear changing for enhanced passenger comfort.

Subtle changes to the body have focused on a re-emphasis upon the E-Class’s road presence, with an AMG-inspired grille and bumper allied to detail touches such as chrome inlay on the Elegance specification door handles. Added headlamp brightwork also provides a ‘retro’ touch that hints at tradition and continuity when these cars arrive at their destination. Enough to set the new Binz apart, but not so daring as to jar when operated alongside the late model Mercedes-Benz vehicles already in use by its existing customers.

All Binz limousines and hearses leave the factory with braking and dynamic handling systems re-calibrated with reference to original E-Class design and test data. As these are constantly monitored by safety innovations such as Pre-Safe - which pre-tensions seat belts and closes any open windows automatically should an accident appear imminent – operators and their passengers can be assured that everything will function in the extended chassis Binz as Mercedes-Benz intended it to.

As Peter Smith, CEO of Binz UK makes clear, “Many of the changes made to this latest evolution of the E-Class lie far beneath the car’s skin. As coachbuilders, we see our mission as ensuring that these improvements to safety, fuel economy or passenger comforts are carried over entirely into every new Binz we make. This represents both our commitment to our customers, and to maintaining the integrity of the Mercedes-Benz engineering upon which our vehicles are based”.

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