Morgan is the UK’s favourite British-owned car maker

Morgan is the UK’s favourite British-owned car maker  

on 12/20/2010

Source: Morgan

The Morgan Motor Company is Britain’s favourite British-owned car make, according to a large-scale poll held on MSN Cars.

Morgan’s range of exotic cars that hark back to an earlier age of motoring have long been a national favourite, something underlined by the marque’s long waiting lists and robust values on the used car market.

Morgan scooped a full 31 per cent of the votes polled, a clear winner against the second-placed make, sportscar maker Noble, on 19 per cent. Joint third place, on 13 per cent, went to another notable retro-brand Caterham, and to venerable maker of very rare and expensive supercars, Bristol Cars.

”This is brilliant news and Morgan is very proud to be voted best British-owned sports car maker,” says Charles Morgan, managing director of Morgan. “Come and see us in Malvern, Worcestershire, making the cars. It’s a great day out.”

“I’m very pleased to see Morgan do so well in our poll,” says Tom Evans, content manager of MSN Cars. “The firm makes some wonderful cars with incredible attention to detail and quality, and I’m not surprised that the firm is so well regarded by the British public.”

“Britain remains one of Europe’s largest car-making nations, but many of its larger car-producers are foreign-owned. This is not the case with some of our smaller manufacturers, many of which are jewels of the industry.”

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