NAVTEQ Digital Map Data to Power the Next Generation of MEDION Navigation Solutions Worldwide

NAVTEQ Digital Map Data to Power the Next Generation of MEDION Navigation Solutions Worldwide  
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on 05/01/2007

Source: NAVTEQ

NAVTEQ, a leading global provider of digital maps for vehicle navigation and location- based solutions, will provide digital map data for all future navigation products from MEDION through to the end of 2007. The new contract underlines the successful long-term cooperation between the two companies.

NAVTEQ's map data will be the foundation for Medion's new navigation software, called MEDION GoPal 3.0 which was successfully presented at CeBIT 2007. The previous software version, Medion GoPal 2.0, has become the foundation for all new MEDION navigation systems. Among them includes the PND's (Personal Navigation Devices) GoPal E3115, E4110, P4210 and X4510, which will be launched in the course of the next several months. MEDION is supporting these launches with significant marketing activities in which NAVTEQ is also participating, such as MEDION's TV campaign and their sponsorship of the Dutch racing team Spyker and the new German Formula 1 driver, Adrian Sutil.

"In the past three years the development of mobile navigation systems has accelerated. To remain competitive and further strengthen our position we need to continue developing our products and quickly react to the changing needs of our customers," says C. Eigen, CFO of MEDION. "To succeed, all parties included in the development of a navigation system must be aware of the challenges. NAVTEQ's comprehensive customer analysis and understanding of the customer needs demonstrates their ability to meet this challenge. We selected NAVTEQ for two reasons: they are a supplier of map data which matches the demands of the consumer and are a competent advisor who shares our spirit of innovation and high quality standards."

NAVTEQ's Q4/2006 database release is the basis for the MEDION GoPal 3.0 and included in the data are an exciting range of innovative extras which have been integrated into this software product. Firstly is phonetic data, which allows a user to select a destination via voice entry. Users can now simply speak the name of the city, street and house number in the microphone of the PNA. The navigation system therefore can be programmed during driving without the driver taking his hands off the steering wheel. Furthermore the phonetic data from the NAVTEQ database provides advanced text-to-speech driving instructions. The MEDION systems provide user-friendly instructions, such as, "Turn right in 300 meters on B53, Herbert Meier street."

Also available with the Medion GoPal 3.0 is the enhanced visual content that this release of NAVTEQ's database provides. For car drivers who prefer to be navigated by the map display over voice instruction, they can receive more visually enhanced and detailed information. For instance, a new feature called Sign Post, displays the inscription of street and highway signs. Consequently, car drivers do not have to look for the names of streets or for the right destination on motorway signs. An additional content offering is the Lane Assistant feature which supports drivers in selecting the right lane to be in at highway exits and other complicated junctions. Finally, thanks to new map data integrated into NAVTEQ's Q4/2006 release, the MEDION GoPal 3.0 is able to inform drivers about the speed limits and alert him or her when speeding.

As users want to reach their destination without delay, the GoPal 3.0 like the version 2.0 includes TMC data, which provides real-time traffic information to help drivers avoid traffic jams and obstructions. The MEDION software not only uses regular and free TMC information but also interprets Premium TMC Services provided by TMCPro (Germany), Trafficmaster (Great Britain) and Premium TMC Service France. This is where systems are able to evaluate information on traffic jams and obstructions within minutes of the hold-ups occurring. Traffic jams are then continuously taken into account when plotting the new route.

Finally, MEDION GoPal 3.0 navigates in 16 different languages. Given the fact that NAVTEQ data is based on a single, world-wide specification, drivers are able to experience a seamless, cross border navigation without needing to change the maps when entering another country. MEDION has licensed the NAVTEQ database worldwide. Depending on the country maps used, the PNDs with GoPal 3.0 are able to navigate through North America, all countries of Western Europe, a lot of countries of Eastern Europe, South Africa, as well as parts of Asia and Australia.

"NAVTEQ is excited about the new contract with MEDION given that both companies have brought their collective strengths together for the creation of this new product. MEDION's GoPal 3.0 demonstrates what exciting features can be developed and brought to customers quickly with the support of innovative digital map content. We think the lane assistant, voice-entry of destination and text-to-speech features are each quite intriguing and appealing to consumers and we look forward to seeing a successful launch of this product for Medion," explains Winston Guillory, Senior Vice President, Consumer Applications and Enterprise, NAVTEQ.

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