New beat runs Citroen’s C4 robot up the road

New beat runs Citroen’s C4 robot up the road  
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on 06/25/2007

Source: Citroën

Citroën’s cult favourite, the C4 transforming robot, returns to the small screen this week as a runner in the Company’s latest television commercial. As the third in the series, which has previously featured the dancing style of Justin Timberlake and the moves of British Olympic speed skater, Nicky Gooch, the new ad sees the C4 robot spring into life at a toll road booth before sprinting around a mountain pass.

And, in keeping with its track record so far, it looks like the Company has uncovered yet another potential summer chart topper with the electro-groove ‘Echo’ from one of music’s hottest young producers, Luke Dzierzek*, accompanying the robot.

The original roof-top dancing robot provided Les Rythmes Digitales with a 2005 smash-hit for “Jacques Your Body”, whilst last summer ‘Walking Away’ by The Egg reached number three as the C4 took to the ice.

The latest advert, which was filmed in South Africa with post-production CGI by Canadian based The Embassy, is being used to promote the ultra-low carbon emitting C4 1.6HDi 110hp with DPFS.

This clean 1.6HDi diesel is equipped with Citroën’s innovative EGS (Electronic Gearbox System), which combines the driver involvement of a manual with the convenience of an automatic, to produce a class beating CO2 of 120g/km and an ultra-frugal, 63mpg return on the combined cycle. The fitment of a Diesel Particulate Filter System (DPFS) helps reduce particle emissions to virtually immeasurable levels.

Recommended retail prices for the C4 1.6HDi 110hp with DPFS and EGS start at £16,115, not including the Company’s current promotional offers.

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