New Ford Mondeo adapts to the road ahead

New Ford Mondeo adapts to the road ahead  
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on 01/18/2008

Source: Ford

Ford’s high-tech new Mondeo guarantees smooth and stress-free travel, no matter how heavy the traffic thanks to new Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) technology. ACC not only maintains a chosen speed, like conventional systems, it also maintains a pre-set distance from the vehicle in front.

Ford's ACC uses radar technology fitted behind the Mondeo’s front grille to decelerate the car automatically if the vehicle in front slows down, or another moves into the gap. ACC maintains a minimum pre-set distance, accelerating back to cruising speed once the road is clear.

Cruising speed is adjusted automatically to maintain a set time gap between the vehicle ahead – selected by the driver from five options – at any speed above 20mph. A default time gap of five seconds is the middle option.

Volker Weinhold, Ford active safety supervisor, explained its multiple safety-related advantages: “Collision mitigation is another benefit, with audible and visual alerts warning of situations that may lead to a collision.

“This collision mitigation feature is integrated into ACC, preparing the car's braking system for immediate action. Once a risk is detected, pressure within the braking system is increased for a quicker response if the driver presses the brake pedal – saving precious seconds in an emergency situation."

“The overriding benefit of ACC is driver comfort. In day-to-day driving, especially on motorways and busy high-speed roads, ACC eliminates the need for constant speed adjustment in changing traffic conditions.”

The system operates through two modes set by the driver. In distance-keeping mode, cruise control adapts to maintain the pre-set distance. Free cruising mode remains available for clear traffic-free roads.

As with standard cruise control, the driver retains overall control at all times and manual braking or gear changes automatically override ACC.

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