New parking sensors from Vauxhall relieve stress

New parking sensors from Vauxhall relieve stress  
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on 05/12/2009

Source: Vuxhall

As more and more cars take to the busy city streets, parking spaces are at a premium. How many times have we all overlooked tight parking spaces for fear of damaging our cars under the gaze of impatient drivers? Thanks to the new rear parking sensor systems from Vauxhall Accessories, those days of problem parking could be a thing of the past.

For just £229, bumper mounted parking sensors can be fitted to any Vauxhall model, giving you the confidence to squeeze into that last space with ease. Also available as a two sensor number plate mounted system for £179 (available for all models except Insignia) this clever device is activated automatically when you put your car in reverse, beeping faster the closer you get to any obstruction.

Vauxhall rear parking sensors can be ordered and fitted at any Vauxhall retailer.

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