New Peugeot 308 SW world premiere at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show

New Peugeot 308 SW world premiere at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show  
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on 02/19/2008

Source: Peugeot

This year’s Geneva Motor Show will be the stage for Peugeot to unveil the new, innovative and practical 308 SW, which will replace the 307 SW.

Launched in April 2002, the Peugeot 307 SW offered a stylish and innovative alternative for customers who, for practical reasons, found that a hatchback vehicle lacked the flexibility and size they required and were uninspired by the design of conventional estate cars and medium size MPVs. Since its launch in the UK, the 307 SW has sold over 40,000 vehicles.

Like the 308 hatchback, the 308 SW builds on the strengths of its predecessor but develops them even further. For example, the panoramic glass roof is now 27% larger (total area of 1.68 m2) and extends beyond the heads of the second row passengers, the modularity is easier to operate and improved and it now has a very practical opening rear tailgate glass.

A lot of attention has also been paid to the modularity of the 308 SW so that it can be adapted simply and efficiently, according to the requirements of its occupants. The rear seats in the second row are all individual, easy to remove, identical in size and offer a multitude of combinations.

To enable seven occupants to be carried, two occasional rear seats can be fitted in the third row.

Access to the rear load area is either via the rear tailgate or the opening rear tailgate glass. With the second row seats in place it can accommodate up to 674 litres (573 dm3 VDA) under the rear load cover. With the seats removed it provides a total volume of 2,149 litres up to the level of the roof (1,736 dm3 VDA).

The 308 SW is based on platform 2 of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group and compared to the hatchback, the wheelbase of the 308 SW has been increased by 100 mm and the rear overhang by 124 mm.

With regards to secondary safety, the structure (thanks in particular to the presence of three impact absorption beams) has been designed to provide optimal protection, combined with the ability to absorb the maximum amount of impact energy in a controlled manner. In addition, the SW can be equipped with up to seven airbags, including a steering column airbag.

The 308 SW is available with a wide choice of modern, high performance, economical and environmentally-friendly powertrains.
The use of the latest technology in both the petrol and diesel engines, combined with the car’s efficient aerodynamics, weight saving measures and the use of Michelin Energy Saver tyres, reduces the fuel consumption, compared to the 307 SW, by up to 10% .

With regards to road holding, the suspension set-up and wheel size options have been borrowed from the 308 hatchback but revised to meet the special requirements of the SW version.

The 308 SW range will go on sale in the UK in June and more information concerning specification and prices will be announced nearer the launch date.

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